All That I Know (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 264, July 22nd, 2018)

“The thing that I’ve learned most through all of my teaching is that the more experience I gain, the fewer and fewer answers I actually have.” — Paul Carlson


In the United States, we use the words “instructor” and “teacher” almost interchangeably. While there are dictionary definitions to be considered, for many, like Paul Carlson, a firearms instructor and middle school math teacher, the meanings of both words convey different ideals and ideologies about what it means to interact with students toward a specific goal.

In this episode, Paul joins us to talk about teaching and some of the finer points about how difficult it can be for well-meaning people to really connect with people and impart upon them knowledge and skill. More importantly than mere passing on of knowledge and skill, however, is the reputation and relationship that is fostered when instructors, teachers and leaders get things wrong. Listen to this teacher as he imparts his own learning experiences that have made him a better teacher.


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