About Us

Ballistic Radio is a Cincinnati based podcast focusing on the topics of personal protection, technical shooting, and developing a mindset that encourages aliveness. If you’d like to learn more about how to better protect yourself, or how to better teach people to protect themselves, with ZERO emphasis on divisive and unrelated politics, this show is for you.


Ballistic Radio is hosted by John Johnston. John holds multiple intermediate and advanced instructor certifications with an emphasis on the concealed pistol. In addition to hosting Ballistic Radio, John works as a product consultant for companies specializing in personal protection, and is a primary instructor at Citizens Defense Research.

John is a strong advocate of critical thinking and challenging the status quo. He is passionate about fostering curious students who are emboldened to ask questions. His desire is that they understand why certain tactics, techniques and products may or may not be applicable to their given situation.

He is a father of two whose hobbies include firearms history, terminal ballistics, the study of applied violence, music, fitness, yoga, and various other nerd friendly pursuits.