The Lion and the Wolf (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 263, July 15th, 2018)

“You cannot rely on the moral recognizance of a man who’s sticking a gun in your face as a survival strategy for you or for your family.” — Tim Chandler


In all of the areas of self-defense and personal protection we talk about on the show, home invasions seem to be one of the most poorly understood. The quips and theories on how to handle home invasions seem to float all over the spectrum of potential responses with clusters of ideals being shared that border on illegal or even apathetic. Here to dose the illness of imagination with a little bit of reality is Tim Chandler.

Tim has made home invasions his area of interest. Apart from the likelihood of a home invader visiting your residence he also talks about the type of people who choose to invade homes, their numbers, their state of readiness to potentially harm families, their propensity for violence and much more. If you have been tempted to throw out any quick quips about racking shotguns and home invaders running in fear or it not being a big deal as long as they just take your DVD player, you might want to take a careful listen to who and what you might be up against.


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