The Need For Speed? (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 265, July 29th, 2018)

“A high-volume response is nothing new. It was done with revolvers, too, and you get the same result: You get a lot of misses down range. You have a very poor accuracy or hit rate on actual subjects, and you endanger a lot of people and property down-range of the event.” — Wayne Dobbs


The obsession in the gun world with speed has caused quite a stir in certain circles. Some people aren’t sure when speed is important and when it is not. There are those who argue that speed, of any kind, is never important. Ballistic Radio is here to help! With the help of Wayne Dobbs, we are taking a hard look at speed, when it is important and how it is best applied. Wayne does a great job of breaking down where speed is necessary and how it can best be applied and where it might be detrimental. In addition to breaking down what is most important, Wayne gives us some great standards with which to gauge our own performance based upon what works to end fights and what doesn’t.

Don’t get caught up in the debate without listening to Wayne lay down some wisdom.

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