For Survival (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 283, January 20th, 2019)

“Violence for survival is literally the most natural thing a human being can do.” — Chris


Understanding the difference between military, law enforcement, and civilian use of force is not always easy or intuitive. Many people who are starting their journey into self-defense understandably feel that training and experience gained within the military or as a law-enforcement office translates to use as a civilian. This is not always true.

It’s a special moment then when we can find individuals like our guest, Chris, who works and trains within our military’s special forces, but is also able to clearly articulate what of his training applies to civilian use and what is exclusive to his military career.

In this episode, Chris helps us break down some of military tactics that are recommended to civilians but shouldn’t be, and some of the things that good military tacticians practice that civilians should do as well. Chris and John talk about light discipline, tactical restraint, how service members, the role of violence in our culture and how we accept or reject it constitutes our own ability to utilize it effectively and appropriately.


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