Dynamics of Group Violence and Parenting (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 233, November 26th, 2017)

“Threat detection and behavior prediction, things that we have been made to be good at, are sort of getting watered down by the pervasiveness of thinking errors.” — William Aprill


Technology has now progressed to the point where people no longer have to interact with one another. They no longer have to learn the intricacies of civil, social interactions. The ability to disagree and remain reasonable and respectful is a failing art form. It’s as if those who are used to the consequence-free interactions of a virtual world are emboldened to act as though there are no consequences for their behavior in the real world. William Aprill from Aprill Risk Consulting, is here to talk about this phenomenon and what it means for those of us who go armed amongst an increasingly easily offended and angered population.

How dangerous are these situations to us and are we subject to the same delusions as the people we’re concerned with? How is that affecting our ability to identify potentially dangerous situations and respond accordingly? How do we differentiate between angry rhetoric and when that might transition into a real threat?

Join us as we talk about the situations we sometimes find ourselves in that quickly go from innocent to potentially dangerous, our parenting fails, learning about the difference between consequences and punishment and so much more.


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