The Yeti Makes Us Cry (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 232, November 19th, 2017)

“Realistically, everything we do–competitively, defensively, or just for skill tests–all matter. People just don’t see that. “Well, I’m good enough.” Well, you’re good enough until you’re not.”–Steve Fisher


The Yeti is back! Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts is dropping truth bombs and even making John Johnston cry on his own damn radio show. In the meantime, what about all this talk about timers and whether they are a useful training aid for defensive shooting? Are they applicable to self-defense? Should people solely focused on self-defense with a firearm bother with things like timed shooting drills and performance standards? What about the difference between shooting drills and scenario-training? Is there a difference? How can we tell?

Listen in as Steve shares his thoughts on these issues as well as the types of attacks we should be preparing to face as armed citizens. Wondering where to go after your basic pistol class? Unsure whether or not your training is helping you actually be better prepared for a real life self-defense scenario? This episode is for you!

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