Dear Instructors, Get a Real Job (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 241, February 11th, 2018)

“We’re not, as an industry, connected very well with the reality of what people’s lives actually are, so therefore we tend to offer solutions that don’t necessarily fit into what people really need.” — Claude Werner


Have you ever attended class that was informative and fun but you knew the recommended gear and carry methods were a bit unobtainable for your particular mission or lifestyle? Have you ever seen what some “gun people” claim to carry on a daily basis and roll your eyes, knowing there’s no conceivable way you could make all of that gear fit into your regular life? You’re not alone!

Claude Werner has been trying to bridge the gap between the average citizen who wants to carry a gun and their instructors. He joins the show to talk about some of the ways he has seen instructors fail those seeking to carry firearms for self-protection. Claude discusses the mindset changes he would like to see in the industry; the adoption of a client-based mentality over a student-teacher one, a more customized approach to the needs of those clients, and a flexibility in regards to recommendations based upon client needs.

The firearms industry of trainers is largely dominated by former law enforcement and military instructors who are accustomed and expected to carry certain gear in ways that are effective for those missions. This can bias teaching modalities to reflect a reality that doesn’t offer much relevance to the sixty year-old office assistant who will get fired if it’s discovered she carries a gun.

If you are an instructor, or just a regular private citizen seeking more information on how to address specific concerns that carrying a firearm brings up for most normal people, this episode is for you!

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