Dooberdoos and Dooberdon’ts (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 234, December 17th, 2017)

“If all we’re going to do is play lip service to those four rules [of safety] and expect [people] to be able to perform them under stress then why don’t we just sit in here in this nice acclimatized building and just talk about shooting well and never go out on the range because that’s the way you’re implying that it’s going to work.” — Chase Jenkins


Every instructor and range wants to make sure their students are as safe as they can possibly be. We set up rules to make sure that participants in shooting sports are limited in their ability to hurt themselves or others while participating in range activities. When it comes to carrying a gun out and about for self-defense or law enforcement work, however, we do not have anyone going around and making sure we have a secure backstop, clearing away obstacles or individuals we don’t want to shoot, and telling us what to expect and even when to load and make ready.

Enter Chase Jenkins of Talon Defense! Chase wants to create shooters who are capable of using a firearm safely and effectively in chaotic environments vs environments so safe that shooters are stripped of all decision-making and judgment regarding their own actions and safety.

Chase shares the consequences he has seen of too much emphasis being put on safe environments vs safe shooters and some of the push back he has seen from administrators in law enforcement. While possibly washing pots and pans, Chase walks us through the thought process of creating his course work and how it has been received and the results he is seeing in his students.

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