Generic Facebook User Episode Title (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 170, July 17th, 2016)

“If we do something that’s supposed to make us safer but ends up being negligent on our part we might as well not have done that to begin with.” — John Johnston


It’s another Facebook User show broadcasting through the Ballistic Radio waves! Melody Lauer is in studio with JackJack and John to answer your questions and to help JackJack make fun of John.

You asked about AR pistols for vehicles, whether or not a sub-second draw is a necessary skill to possess and what the BR crew would carry differently if this were the Wild West!

John and Melody talk about what to tell your kids about your guns and what surprised them most when they started looking at defending families.

There’s something for everyone in this episode–from the family man to the gear junkie.

Take part in the Ballistic Radio insubordination, find out how John intends to surprise JackJack and hear your questions answered!

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