Pat Goodale and The Special Snowflake (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 171, July 24th, 2016)

“Most of the guns we see turn out to be obese, to put it mildly. Guys will show up with all sorts of paraphernalia hanging off of them, and after about the first half day, they’re taking things off.” — Pat Goodale


We are honored to welcome to the show one of the industry’s best kept secrets; Pat Goodale. Goodale is the owner and operator of Practical Firearms Training, a very unique training facility based in south-eastern West Virginia, home to the dreaded “Snowflake” range.

Goodale joins us to discuss the modern AR rifle variants and how to train with them effectively to maximize their performance. He and John discuss how some ranges and training facilities by necessity limit the instructor’s ability to teach a comprehensive overview of all the rifle’s capabilities. Additionally, they discuss some of the common pitfalls that people make when they start to consider the AR for self defense, and the vital role that context plays in making gear/equipment selections.

What can you work on at home to help you operate your rifle better? What should you have in your kit? What are some things to practice with your rifle? Listen and learn!

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