Have Ellifritz, Will Travel (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 169, July 10th, 2016)

If you can’t recognize the types of… pre-assault indicators, what a criminal might be doing… just before his assault you’re really no better off than the person who isn’t paying any attention at all. — Greg Ellifritz


Ballistic Radio is joined by none other than the least police officery police officer John knows, Greg Ellifritz, of Active Response Training. Greg joins us to talk about the trends of violence in active killers, terrorists and civil unrest and how average citizens can prepare themselves for the violence and aftermath. He covers a myriad of topics from how far away you have to be from a bomber to increase your chance of survival and whether or not a long gun is a good thing to store in your vehicle in preparation for such events.

Should civilians have body armor and what type should they get? Is it possible to save the day from a suicide bomber and survive? What are we more likely to start seeing in terrorist and active shooter events? Who’s the biggest (literally and figuratively) Taylor Swift fan? Find out on tonight’s episode!

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