Home Defense, or Why Steve Fisher Thinks the Internet Is Stupid (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 74 – August 10th, 2014)

“What they really need to understand is; what tools they have available to them, what the best tools are for that application, the ballistics of those tools, …structural layout, how to reinforce the home, to add layers such as alarms, dogs, lights, all those things that are always talked about… any kind (of layer) that you can get that gives you notice is a benefit.” – Steve Fisher

Steve Fisher joins us once again for this episode of Ballistic Radio as we explore the topic of firearms selection for home defense. Steve discusses things to consider when choosing between one of the main home defense weapons (handgun, shotgun, or long rifle), such as bullet penetration though walls and weapon manipulation when moving about your home. He emphasizes the importance of  getting to your loved ones in the event of a home invasion as a top priority, yet making sure you remain in the space that you control. Additionally, John and Steve talk about the importance of  doing your own research rather then relying on the uneducated opinions of others. 
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