Givensy Goodness (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 129, September 13th, 2015)

“The fact is there’s a timer in every fight since the dawn of man kind. The grim reaper is going to be it. You’ve got a finite amount of time to fix the problem in if the other guy has a deadly weapon. If you’re not under extreme time pressure, you’re the only one with a deadly weapon… I think working under time pressure is critically important because you’re always going to be under time pressure. If you’re not under extreme time pressure, you’re not in a fight for your life.” – Tom Givens

Tom Givens joins us for quite an informative show. We hop right into things by talking about actual gunfight statistics, busting some of the myths, and addressing many of the commonly repeated stupid comments about gunfights. Tom talks about paying attention to your surroundings and how we, as concealed carry holders, have the ability to ambush an attacker. We get into the importance of draw speed, being able to make precision shots, and working under time pressure. Plus, Tom talks about the Rangemaster instructor course and how it can benefit everyone.


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