Facebook Question Harvest (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 128, September 6th, 2015)

“AR’s, especially, are susceptible to the firing pin tapping the primer as the round is chambered. Not enough to set it off, but what it will do is knock the primer compound off the primer. There are several, and by several I mean a lot, of documented cases where police departments have gone to shoot people with rifles and gotten a click instead of a bang because they’ve chambered the round over and over and over again… If you chamber a rifle round and don’t shoot it, then that needs to become a training round pretty much first time you do it.” – John Johnston


It’s time once again to answer questions asked by our loyal (or not so loyal, we don’t care) Facebook users. As always, we have a romping good time doing so. This episode we cover topics such as; should your nightstand firearm be different from your EDC gun, is carrying body armor and a long gun in your car a good idea, and what is a commonly overrated concealed carry skill? We talk about modifying your carry gun and the importance of being able to articulate why you modified it. Plus, does John actually train in flip flops? All this goodness and much much more!


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