A Stoegeringly Good Competitive Shooting Show (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 130, September 20th, 2015)

“You’re going to rise to the level of the people around you. And to me that’s what makes competitive shooting so interesting. My angle is I like to go practice. To me, that’s the best day is where I have my old pickup truck with all my shooting target stands, and props, and metal targets in the back. I like to go to the range and practice.  But what drives that practice is competitive shooting.” – Ben Stoeger

Ballistic Radio goes USPSA in this episode as we welcome Ben Stoeger on the show. Ben and John talk about John’s experience shooting his first USPSA match ever (carrying appendix of course), and how well it went without having a plan. Ben talks about stress, using timers in training, and how it all translates to becoming a better shooter.  We get Ben’s take on what good shooting actually is and how shooting with others who are better then you can be a huge motivator. Plus, Ben talks about how your gear won’t do the work for you, and that it’s up to the shooter to put the work in to develop skill.

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