Does My Self-Defense Schema Reflect Reality? (Podcast – Ballistic Radio Episode 49 – February 16, 2014)

“I think a lot more attention should be paid internally to what is my role in the world? What am I walking out my front door to do, and does my gear match that role, and does my choice match the sort of threat envelope that I will encounter?…” – William Aprill


This week John and Andy re-welcome 2013’s most popular guest, William Aprill. They discuss people’s Schemas of self-defense, and how often times people try to fit the world into their pre-conceived notion of how things are, instead of adapting to the actual realities of the threats they are likely to face. William announces the dates for the long awaited Paul-E-Palooza II Memorial Training Conference before discussing victim selection, and how to become a no-go to a violent criminal actor.

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