Negative Outcomes 101, Part 2 (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 103, March 15th, 2015)

“You have to understand that a gun fits in a situation, and it’s just part of a situation, and it’s a limited purpose tool that will solve a few problems. And for those problems, it solves them relatively well, and may be the only tool that does a good job of solving them. But that set of circumstances is relatively narrow, and along with that set of circumstances where it works, it can definitely bring about things that don’t work.” – Claude Werner


Claude Werner is back for part 2 of our Negative Outcomes show, and there’s plenty more to talk about. In this second installment, Claude talks about unjustified shootings and the importance of knowing and understanding the laws. John and Claude discuss needlessly getting arrested and chasing criminals after they’ve been run off. The topic of lost and stolen guns is brought up briefly. Plus, what do you do with your firearm when nature calls?

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