When You Blish Upon a Polymer AR (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 127, August 30th, 2015)

“Install suppressor height back up iron sights that will work with whatever miniature red dot sight you’re using, and as your pistol presentation, you draw to the iron sights, just like you normally would do a pistol without a MRDS. But instead, now, you’re drawing and finding the iron sights with your eyes because it’s something you’ve already programmed. And then you shoot a red dot, transition to the red dot and finish the shot.” – Freddie Blish


This time on Ballistic Radio… Freddie Blish! What do we talk to Freddie about? I’m glad you asked. We talk about red dot sights on pistols. Freddie gives us his opinion of them, along with some information on back up iron sights for pistols with red dot sights, and insight on using them if you have poor eyesight. We talk about psychological factors, physical fitness, resting heart rate,  and how they can affect performance under stress. Plus Freddie talks about ROBAR’s new polymer AR rifle.

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