Oh Yeah! (Season 9 Episode 353)

“Not all shootings are scary, so don’t put that into your training and think that it’s always going to be, because it’s not always…” -Jared Reston 

In this episode we welcome back Jared Reston of Reston Group Critical Solutions to discuss some of the nuances of training and instruction. Does it matter what a shooter is doing, so long as they’re doing so safely and putting bullets where they intended? Knowing that the goal is to make better shooters now, how can we strike the balance between setting new students up for success and giving them basic building blocks? Does the training community predispose students for emotional turmoil after a shooting? All of that and more in this weeks episode. Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Big Tex Ordnance, where every customer is a friend, not just an order. Visit them online at www.bigtexordnance.com

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