Like A JackJack In The Dark (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 185, October 30th, 2016)

“Having a gun is kind of like having a Jack of Spades. Depending on how the rest of the card game goes you might get a royal flush or you might just have a Jack of Spades that doesn’t help you at all.” — John Johnston


It’s another Facebook User question show where you, the listener, gets to submit questions and have them answered on air by our host, John Johnston or his hulking co-host, JackJack!

Tonight’s episode starts out with gear questions for the AR nerds and trigger-type talk for everyone else. John discusses resources allocation for those who aren’t gun hobbyists and what might be the bare minimum to get by with on gear.

Is switching between carry guns that detrimental to skill? What should you practice if your primary concern is an active shooter? What is the best tool to help build proficiency and what was John’s most pivotal moment in training?

Jack talks about what slings he likes to purchase as a gorilla-sized human and the Ozzy vs Dio debate rages on.

All this and more on tonight’s episode of Ballistic Radio!

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