Handgun WMLs Are Not *Necessary* (SEASON 8, EPISODE 344)

“As far as target I.D. or …target positive identification, it’s pretty much a gimme in civilian self-defense roles because it’s the dude robbing you right now. That’s not ambiguous, that’s not uhhhhh is this the right guy? No, it’s the guy. That’s either happening or it’s not.” – Chuck Haggard 

Ballistic Radio welcomes Chuck Haggard of Agile Training and Consulting back to the show to discuss his 30+ years working low light problems. Are weapon mounted lights necessary for concealed carry? Are they necessary for law enforcement? Are they better to have and not need or do they cause more problems than they’re worth? What ARE they good for? All that and more! Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Centurion Arms, hard use rifles and accessories, at easy day prices. Visit them online at www.centurionarms.com 

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