Feet Of Clay (SEASON 8, EPISODE 343)

“Even the idea that I would be a mentor to someone, in and of itself, makes me leery because I’m like wow, I’m an intensely flawed person trying to mentor another intensely flawed person and is that even right to do?” – Craig Douglas 

Hey folks, John here. To be completely honest I struggled with how to write this description as the topic matter for this episode just doesn’t fit into our usual format for these. I had the honor and privilege to have an intensely personal conversation with Craig Douglas about the natural human tendency to place people, especially authority figures, on pedestals. We also get into insecurity, ego, altruism, mentorship and how to recognize when it’s time to choose to be a better version of yourself. It’s our longest episode by far, and I hope you guys get something out of it. Remember Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Centurion Arms, hard use rifles and accessories, at easy day prices. Visit them online at www.centurionarms.com 

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