The Liberalization of Concealed Carry (SEASON 9, EPISODE 345)

“The word liberal has a lot in common with the word liberty and if we think about that aspect of liberal politics that is in favor of civil liberties then we can see that the right to keep and bear arms is a civil liberty and so when I talk about the liberalization of gun laws I mean laws that make that civil liberty more possible.” – Professor David Yamane 

Season 9 is upon us and Ballistic Radio is honored to welcome Professor David Yamane ( back to the show. What’s been driving the recent expansion of right to carry laws? Has the training industry helped drive the concealed carry revolution? Professor Yamane even turns the tables on John and asks the host a question. There’s even sheep (it’ll make sense if you listen, we promise) shipping! All that and more! Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Big Tex Ordnance, where every customer is a friend, not just an order. Visit them online at  

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