But It Do (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 287, February 24th, 2019)

“If your only answer is, ‘I’m just going to shoot somebody.’ Boy, there’s an awful lot of problems that won’t solve.” — John Correia 


When people start thinking about self-defense and what kind of skills and tools they are going to adopt toward that end, they may not know it, but they are starting to take some very tentative steps down a personal journey that can lead to some diverse and interesting places. As with any journey requiring thought, skill, equipment, and practice, it’s easy for people who are further along to criticize those who are first starting out. In this episode, John Correia joins Ballistic Radio to talk about how we can better support those behind us on this journey. How can we balance advocating for good practices that are safety conscious without being discouraging? How can we tell the difference between someone who is looking for information and someone who is merely trying to be confrontational for the sake of confrontation alone? And what do we want people to really learn as they gain knowledge and understanding?

If you are a teacher or just someone who is looking at guiding someone else, maybe if you’re even just starting on this journey yourself, you might want to listen in on this wisdom.

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