Let’s Whitlock And Load (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 119, July 5th, 2015)

“We should be really proud of ourselves in the firearms industry. We really (don’t) stereotype in this current generation. We’re very welcoming of either gender. It doesn’t matter what you subscribe to in the firearms community. You show up to class, you perform, you step it up, you behave safely and respectfully, and you show and prove that you’re a dedicated student… Nothing else matters, whether you’re male or female.” – Tatiana Whitlock

On the air with us this week is Tatiana Whitlock from ID Target Systems. Tatiana is a mother and Fine Arts major who got into firearms 5 years ago, and has since become an instructor, NRA spokesperson, and started ID Target Systems, which makes 3D targets. Tatiana talks about the advantages and differences of shooting 3D targets vs. paper targets, and how they help us be able to better visually process information in order to make a shoot/ no shoot decision. We discuss women in the shooting community, stereotypes that may or may not exist, and get her thoughts on “gun bunnies”. As well, Tatiana talks about being the black sheep of her family by being in the firearms community, and talking with those not in the community about firearms and training.

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