I’ve Just Never Been Tested (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 286, February 17th, 2019)

“One of the things that competition really does… is that it gives you an impending date of your test.” –Gabe White


If you’ve spent much time around the handgun community you might have noticed a branching of shooters into one of two subgroups: those focused on tactics and application of fundamental pistols skills or those who enjoy mastering the technical aspects of shooting to be utilized in handgun competitions. If an individual gets into shooting as a hobby or a sport, you might see them start to trend toward one camp or the other relatively quickly. Occasionally, however, you will find someone like Gabe White who seems to float between the worlds with what appears to be very little conflict.

Gabe, a self-proclaimed tactical shooter, wholeheartedly embraces the benefits of extreme technical performance and is one of the better resources in understanding the validity of either side. In this episode, Gabe dives deep into some of the benefits of pure technical skills and how they can help those most mindful about self-defense and where someone who only focuses on technical performance might fall down when presented with tactical problems. This is a fantastic episode for anyone shooter who is trying to find balance between where to put his time and resources.

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