Vi-o-lence (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 284, January 27th, 2019)

“… if you’re backed into that corner and there is no other way out than to fight your way out then you’ve got to be able to flip the switch and accept that [you are] in the right and then go as hard as you need to go to end the threat.” — Chris


Chris is back for a second week, this time to talk about the aggression, violence, capabilities and ego. We all know people who think they know how they would respond to a given scenario. Often times, however, unless we have tested our own abilities we don’t actually know how we would react. In this episode, Chris talks about two vital areas of knowing one’s own capabilities: your ability to act given your own temperament and beliefs, and the skills you possess once you have decided to act.

How does the willingness or hesitancy to act affect an outcome? What about having the willingness to act, but not the skill? How can we reasonably know if we have either of vital things? Chris talks about some of the best ways we have available to us to learn our own temperament and our willingness to act as well as to test ourselves to have the confidence to know what skills we actually have.

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