The Master Of Minutia (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 285, February 3rd, 2019)

“You need to be learning. If you can do things and you don’t know how you did them, who cares? But if you make mistakes and you know what happened and can improve upon those mistakes to get better? Man, that’s the journey.” — Scott Jedlinski


The master of minutia returns! Whenever Scott Jedlinski joins the show, it’s sure to be a technical and detailed topic, and this time is no different. Scott is well-known for his love of detailed analysis and his constant hunt for better performance through increased efficiency. In this episode, John and Scott dive into the topic of “getting better” and what that actually means. For many people, the quest to get better is ill-defined and therefore hard to work toward and achieve. Scott helps us define “better” and the process by which we can start to work toward that goal. If you want to get better, but aren’t sure how, this is an episode you will want to check out.

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