The Neediest of Pre-Needs (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 262, July 8th, 2018)

“For a big decision we almost always consider the ramifications of various parts of it ahead of time. When we don’t, we end up making poor decisions. So thinking about our interaction with a criminal or some other attacker… by thinking about those ahead of time we have some idea of what we can do. And if not, then we end up defaulting back to certain basic instincts which may not always be in our best interest.” — Claude Werner


The Tactical Professor, Claude Werner, joins Ballistic Radio again for another great lesson in pre-need decision making and skill building. Claude dives right in talking about the value in making important decisions about potentially violent encounters before we are faced with those situations, and why that that is so vital. He explains how we recognize situations, the time it can take us to identify situations we have or have not prepared for and how out pre-need decisions can factor in our success in those events.

Finally, Claude moves into talking about training standards and skills and how we as instructors and as learners can build our skills using simple progression techniques that are specifically designed to push us to new and higher levels.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the Professor!

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