The Yoke of Low Expectations (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 248, April 1st, 2018)

“I think [the hardest part of being a really skilled shooter] is throwing off the yoke of low expectations so that you’ll release yourself to go on a really, really long and strong tear.” — Gabe White


It’s the season finale! What better way to close out the season than talking to Gabe White about all things skill and discipline.

Gabe takes us through the subtle shifts in his mindset as he progressed through his own development as a defensive shooter who wished to push the limits of his own skill. In a world where even unskilled attackers can put out some scary raw speed, Gabe wanted to see how much of a margin of skill he could carve out with his own carry gear and guns while maintaining raw speed. Gabe talks about the largest progressions he’s made in skill and why, as well as discusses about what holds many people back from seeing their own breakthrough in skill.

This is an episode filled to the brim with wisdom, kicked over with every little piece examined.


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