Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 249, April 8th, 2018)

“There’s this whole argument out there that we have to find the natural ways to do something… The problem is we are using non-natural tools. Anytime we’re in a life-or-death crisis… if we try to implement those classic, natural solutions when we’re facing non-natural problems, we’re going to die a horrible, screaming death.” — John Hearne


Welcome to John Hearne’s Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse! Hearne has spent many years studying how the human body responds to life-threatening stress, and whether or not some of the long-held beliefs about human performance under that kind of stress are true. Do we lose fine-motor control? Is it possible to see the front sight under stress? Do we all have the same, predictable startle response that we need to incorporate into our training? Is there a natural way to gunfight and is it better than other methods of shooting?

John answers all of these questions and more. Before you accept some of the cliches you hear over the next gun counter you visit, or before you repeat them in the next class you teach, you might want to listen in and see if what we believe about human performance is true.


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