Big Boy Rules (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 212, June 10th, 2017)

“Just because somebody (has) a big fancy pedigree from the military or law enforcement, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a good, or a safe or valid, trainer.” — John Spears


Have you ever heard anyone throw around the term, “Big Boy Rules?” This dangerous implication or practice of ignoring proper range rules and etiquette because of some sort of elite status or the type of class being taught is the topic of discussion on tonight’s show. John Spears from Forge Tactical joins us to talk about these so called “Big Boy Rules” and what makes them so dangerous and detrimental to learning.

Spears discusses the differences between skills, techniques and procedures and helps further define the responsibilities of student and instruction when considering the safety of everyone in a class or on a firing line.

When there is gunfire involved, you don’t want to risk your life to perform skills and drills that have no application to real world experience or because they will look cool on Instagram. Listen and learn how to avoid the trap of negligent instructors and their classes.

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