Rules For Anti-Radicals (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 231, November 12th, 2017)

“That righteously indignant social justice archetype… It’s interesting to watch guys with guns negotiate that space because it’s not criminal, it’s aggressive and persistent but is it something that even rates putting your hand on your gun? No.” — Craig Douglas
Have you noticed that people are more likely than ever to insert themselves into conversations between strangers? Have you noticed social justice warriors who are willing to verbally confront the unsuspecting? What about people who film themselves taunting others in hopes of eliciting an assault on video for viral fame? What do we, as armed citizens, need to know about these people? How do we handle them? How do we gauge the danger to ourselves and to those we love while formulating a reasonable response?

Craig Douglas from Shivworks is here to help us answer some of those questions, and share some of his own theories and experiences with the verbally aggressive. Craig tells us what he’s seeing both socially, and in training scenarios, as well as some of the best methods he has found for shutting down unwanted personal agendas being pressed upon us while being mindful of appropriate levels of force.

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