I’m Thinking of a Number Between Three and Five (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 217, July 16th, 2017)

“If you’re at all aware of self-defense issues, to someone in your life you’re the most highly-trained person they’ll ever meet… Use that responsibility ethically.” — Dr William Aprill


It’s that time of the year again. Time for Paul-E-Palooza IV! The annual training event in memory of the late trainer, Paul Gomez. To help spread awareness of the event, Dr. William Aprill has joined Ballistic Radio to tell us about the event, let us know about the training blocks that are available and why such an event might be the perfect place to get your feet wet in the training industry.

From knives to pet care, prepping, grappling, gunfighting and trauma medicine, it’s all going to be available to sample at Paul-E-Palooza IV!

But that’s not all! William also talks about the common ways that well-meaning loved ones inadvertently bully those they want to protect the most, pushing them away from ever taking an interest in self-defense. He discusses the importance of meeting people where they are, finding out the best ways to help them be safer, and helping them along the road of self-defense.

Take a listen and don’t forget to sign up for the Paul-E-Palooza event being held on August 19-20 in Garrettsville, OH.

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