Don’t Worry, It’s Not Loaded (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 216, July 9th, 2017)

“I think the reason why this really needs to be discussed is because so many people do not acknowledge their own fallibility as a human being.” — John Johnston


It’s a unique Ballistic Radio where John and Melody take on the topic of safety in regards to firearms, how it is presented to the public, and whether or not it is an absolute state that we can ever achieve. When we talk about safety, what are we trying to convey? What are the best ways to illustrate the risk involved in handling firearms without also frightening people away from shooting sports? Are we being clear with people about what we mean when we talk about firearms safety? What kind of practices mitigate the risk of injury or damage?

If you like to dig down to the roots of how the words we use can frame our thinking and attitudes you will want to listen to this discussion, and maybe even reframe how you think about and approach the subject of safety and firearms.

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