Red Dots, and Shotguns, and Truths, Oh My! (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 83 – October 12th, 2014)

“…My whole world came apart because I couldn’t see my sights. …I was having a very difficult time on target identification, where I was having to do identification based on movements and action rather then crystal clear vision.” – Darryl Bolke


If Call of Duty has taught me anything, it’s that you don’t need to put a red dot on a shotgun. You just point it in the direction of your foe, shoot, and magically they get hit and die. This just goes to show that Call of Duty has not taught me anything. Our guest for this show, Darryl Bolke, on the other hand, has lots to teach on the subject of shotguns. Darryl provides a multitude of reasons why using a quality optic on a shotgun is a major advantage. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, along with some of the unique skills people need to develop to run one effectively. Plus, we play a game called, “Let’s See if John Can Read All the Ads From Memory Because He Forgot His Laptop at Home”!

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