50 Shades Of Werner (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 180, September 25th, 2016)

“I think that we are making a mistake in only portraying the options that we present to our students as being, you have a gun and you use it or you don’t use it.” — Claude Werner


The Tactical Professor, Claude Werner, is back for another show to talk about the problems we are failing to address in the training industry. Firearms instruction is more available than it ever was and learning how to shoot a gun is accessible to almost every firearm owner. The decisions about when to shoot, however, are not so easily learned and often overlooked. Werner is applying his analytical mind to how we can teach people how to assess situations more clearly and give them the tools to make good decisions in life or death moments. What is beyond the shoot or no shoot decision paradigm and how can we prepare ourselves for ambiguous situations with guns in our hands? What training is available to those who would like to make better decisions with guns? Claude is exploring those answers in this week’s episode.

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