Seeking Seeklander (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 163, May 22nd, 2016)

“There is no secret sauce.” — Mike Seeklander


Mike Seeklander from the American Warrior Society joins Ballistic Radio to talk defensive training and the myths and excuses people make for why they put off training. Seeklander, a Grand Master in USPSA, shares what he believes to be the value of competition shooting to civilians and then dives to the root of why most people don’t seek out more training and practice. He talks about how poorly trained he was starting out and what finally woke him up to his own lack of skill and what he decided to do about. Finally, Mike shares his passion behind the American Warrior Society and gives listeners options for very cool, free stuff! Listen to this episode for some great resources and to find out why John is making JackJack cry.


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