Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 162, May 16th, 2016)

“For me, I enjoy the process of getting better a lot more than I enjoy the competitions themselves.” — Ben Stoeger

Five-time national USPSA champion, Ben Stoeger, joins us to talk about what drives people to become better shooters and how he got into competition shooting. Ben tells us about the lack of divide between tactical and defensive operators and competition shooters in other countries and why he thinks there is such a divide in the US. He also shares how he constructs classes so that participants can get the most benefit out of them. John talks about his own experiences under Ben’s tutelage and shares what kinds of results Melody has seen in matches. If you’ve ever wondered how to break your own training or practice apart into manageable pieces or wondered where to start in taking your shooting skill to the next level, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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