Witness Me All Shiny And, Owwww That’s Bright! (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 161, May 8th, 2016)

“Where I think a lot of people get confused is techniques vs tactics. The mechanics; that’s going to be the same as much as you can make it. The tactics you are employing; that will change depending on situation and context.” — John Johnston


Hope you remembered to submit questions for this month’s Facebook User show. Between playing at being a war boy, shiny and chrome, and trying to burn JackJack’s retina’s out of his head with 1,000 lumens of Surefire awesomeness, John shares his opinion (and only his opinion) on your questions. Ballistics nerds will get their fill right out of the intro with discussions on whether or not the .556 is the ultimate rifle round. John then discusses gun show etiquette and whether or not you should try to educate people who have ignorant opinions on firearms. Users ask questions about cheap guns, defensive shotguns and weapon-mounted lights and John opines about whether or not you can get people to take a defensive lifestyle seriously.

Should you change tactics or techniques? Is there a difference? What about strapping your kid into a car seat and remaining alert? All questions answered on this week’s episode and more!

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