What An Entangled Web We Weave (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 188, December 4th, 2016)

“Whoever has control in that entanglement, [he has] the gun, whether he brought it to the fight or not, it’s his gun.” — Cecil Burch

It’s not just about the gun! Tonight we’re joined by Cecil Burch of Immediate Action Combatives to discuss the entangled gunfight. Burch explores the types of fights we are likely to see and how that fight changes based on cultural norms. He also discusses the types of fighting styles and their pros and cons when it comes to their use in real-life, defensive encounters and how to best test them.

Cecil and John talk about how the ego holds people back from training and how to develop a fighting mindset.

This is an episode for all who want to better understand the physical element of fighting in self-defense.

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