Timely Advice, Givens The World We Live In (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 155, March 27th, 2016)

“The biggest waste of time… is missing. Every time you miss you used up the time it took to prep that shot, fire that shot and recover from that shot and that’s a significant amount of time. When you accept misses you are assuming that you’re going to get to keep doing this until you get a hit. The problem is the other guy’s not having to wait his turn. His turn is congruent with yours. So the more you miss the more time you are giving him to launch bullets in your direction. You might get hit by sheer accident.” — Tom Givens


John and a pollen-stricken JackJack are joined by Tom Givens of Rangemaster to discuss identifying the most realistic threats that civilians face. John also asks Tom how to remain current and up-to-date in an industry filled with changing practices and opinions. Tom shares who he trains with and how often while poking fun at John for “not having been born yet”. Speed in relation to accuracy is brought up, and Tom talks about how much time you have  in a gunfight, as well as whether or not missing in training will help you hit in real life.

They cover how much violent crime your average American is likely to encounter. As well as the contextual differences between Law Enforcement and Military and why the best tactics and practices for them don’t always apply to civilians.

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