Headshots and Knowledge Bombs (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 221, August 20th, 2017)

“My guys were not particularly good shooters, they were your typical, average-joe cops and what we saw was they would fire two rounds or less or go straight to the head… a) the guys were able to do it, b) our shootings ended up being much better.” — Darryl Bolke

It’s an episode of shooting standards, failure drills and triggers! Darryl Bolke from Hardwired Tactical Shooting joins the show to share some insight into one of his favorite shooting drills–aptly named “The Test”–and it’s many variations and applications. Darryl then goes into great detail about the practice of training to take two shots to high center chest followed by a precision shot to the head–otherwise known as the failure drill. He talks about what his department saw when they started to train their officers in the failure drill and how it positively impacted their overall performance and public perception.

Lastly, Darry talks about triggers for what he calls “social work” and features he likes to see on guns that he is expecting  to use while controlling and addressing threats from other people.

This is a great episode for anyone looking for real insights on performance standards, practices and gear from someone who has been there and done that.

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