Larry Lindenman, I Presume. (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 143, December 27th, 2015)

“I think most of it is a training error. Where we’re always on the line, we’re always drawing and firing, and we’re looking to increase our par times rather than assessing, and then dealing with… ‘what’s our best thing to do right now,’ especially if we’re not going to [need to] shoot.” – Larry Lindenman


In tonight’s episode John and JackJack are joined by the long-awaited Larry Lindenman, to talk about the “don’t shoot, yet” problem. Larry points out how in some cases, preemptively drawing a firearm on aggressors, can change the dynamics of a situations so that no shots need to be fired in the first place. He lists training opportunities for people, on how to acquire the skills to handle compliant subjects after they’ve been held at gunpoint. John asks Larry about what kind of experience instructors should have before they can instruct in certain topics, and why training scenarios can sometimes be more stressful than real-life encounters. Larry warns us we might hear gunfire and also at the beginning of the show John demonstrates how little he actually cares for JackJack. All here!

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