Subconscious Competence (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 64 – June 1st, 2014)

“Imagine that you are walking home from a coffee shop that’s around the corner from your house, and you’ve done this thousands of times, right? If you’re on the phone and you’re talking to whoever, you’re talking to somebody and you have to be engaged in that conversation. You’re focused on the conversation, so your conscious mind is allotted to the conversation. That leaves your subconscious mind to get you from the coffee shop back to your house, and you somehow navigate without really having to think “turn right here, step over curb there” you just kind of, you flow, in a sense. And you are able to do that because you have walked that route a thousand times. …So our ultimate goal is to achieve subconscious competency.” – Jeff Gonzales

John and Jeff from Trident Concepts finally announce the winner to the April Paleo Purge charity contest. John then proceeds to make fun of Jeff, the former Navy SEAL, for losing to the fat lazy talk radio show host. In addition to all sorts of hilarity Jeff discusses why training for subconscious competence is something that everyone should be attempting, and why it’s such an important goal to strive for.

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