Playing Not To Lose Isn’t The Same As Playing To Win… (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 142, December 20th, 2015)

“Be realistic about what you may or may not do from a reactionary standpoint. You may flee. You may freeze. You may fight. But you may also get into that kind of defensive shielding type posture and it’s recognizing those things and going, ‘Okay, I’ve had this natural reaction. I have this moment of clarity. I have an opportunity to fight. Let’s fight.’ Because that’s what’s going to end the situation the fastest.” -Melody Lauer

It’s Star Wars premiere day and the boys can barely contain their excitement! They start the day by talking to Melody Lauer, the most recent addition to the Ballistic Radio team. John and Melody preview some of their most recent research regarding the upcoming class for armed parents they’ve been working on as well as some of the difficulties they have had along the way. Melody shares some of the misconceptions she had when first starting to prepare for defending her own children from violent encounters and some of the tactics she has come up with since then. They discuss talking to your children about being armed, coming up with plans that include them, the little discussed shielding response, as well as the tactics that end violent encounters the fastest. Check it out!

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