But this one is… BIGGER! (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 141, December 13th, 2015)

“I think one of the problems in the industry today is the way we belittle people who don’t do ideal things… If I have to pick between someone carrying a suboptimal choice that maybe I don’t agree with, versus not carrying at all, as long as that person is safe… cool. You just need to have a really clear understanding of what the limits and liabilities of whatever your chosen equipment is, and plan accordingly.” – John Johnston


John and JackJack answer your questions in yet another throw away shhhh…. Facebook user episode. JackJack tells all about (or does he) what it’s like working for John. John talks less than lethal vs lethal force options, answers questions about when you know it’s time to start working towards speeding up,  as well as the utility of the pelvic girdle shot. JackJack cons John into listing his top five firearms instructors (top 11 actually) and more!

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