I Petty the Fool With Poor Vehicle Tactics (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 131, September 27th, 2015)

“The tactics have to make sense to a person and there has to be a fundamental understanding, or they’re not going to use it when (the shit) hits the fan. So, even though they come to the class, if they really don’t believe it or they really don’t believe what you’re saying, then they won’t use it when it’s for all the marbles. That’s exactly what we try to do in the vehicle class, is that we try to get people to experience and see firsthand what we’re talking about, and then we build our tactics based off of that…. You have to understand how it works to get the most out of the class.” – William Petty


William Petty joins us on the show to talk about vehicle tactics. William talks about his vehicle program and how they reversed engineered the car (in a sense) to come up with new guidelines for ballistics and how they based their tactics off of those ballistics. He discusses how the rear of the vehicle has better ballistic protection, offers better mobility, and is essentially a place of high ground. John shares his experience of shooting through a ham sandwich. Plus, we talk about the differences in construction of modern bullets versus older designs, and using the vehicle as a weapon.

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