All the Lumens!!! (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 126, August 23rd, 2015)

“Constantly be reevaluating what you need to be training yourself on. Because you are responsible for training you. Not the guy you’re paying to stand with you on the range. You should be there to get specific things out of him… I go into every class with a plan. If I’m going to learn, whatever it is i pick out who I want to learn from next, and I go there with specific objectives that match their course objectives. I keep track of what I’m doing and I maintain those skills on my own. If the only time you train is when you’re paying somebody to stand there to watch you, you’re never going to ingrain the skills enough to not look over your gun in a real situation.” – John Chapman


John Chapman of Raven Concealment joins us to talk about a slew of topics. We get Chappy’s take on weapon mounted lights, reasons for having a weapon mounted light, and his explanation of the unit of measure known as lumens. He talks about doing dry practice with a weapon mounted light in your own home. Chappy gives his insight on skills, techniques and procedures to train for real world situations.  The Johns talk about the Alliance Police Training facility, it’s world class instructors, and the shoot house classes. Plus, a little bit about Raven’s new holster about to hit the market.

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